Hiring Compost Collector!

The Radix Center is hiring a person to collect compost from members of our Community Compost Initiative in the City of Albany.   A vehicle is needed. Must be able to lift 50 pound plastic bins.   Pickups are on Wednesdays and currently take around 2-3 hours.   We are actively seeking to expand and … Continue reading Hiring Compost Collector!


Reducing Health Risks and Assessing Major Urban Sources of Air Pollution

By Andrew Poitras Airborne pollutants are the root of many serious health concerns, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthmatic and allergic symptoms, and respiratory infections which threaten at-risk populations such as children, older adults, and immunocompromised individuals4. In extreme cases, the inhalation of toxic metals such as arsenic, lead, and nickel has highly carcinogenic effects … Continue reading Reducing Health Risks and Assessing Major Urban Sources of Air Pollution

Reducing Pollution through Urban Greening

By: Dan Burke Perez In recent years, beautifying urban areas with trees, gardens, and parks has gained popularity as a way to improve the look of an area as well as the health and lives of residents. Urban vegetation serves a number of essential functions, from reducing concentrations of greenhouse gases to providing habitats for … Continue reading Reducing Pollution through Urban Greening

Phytodegradation and Environmental Remediation

By Andrew Poitras When oil spills, the effects can be observed across layers of biota. The quality of soil, groundwater, and drinking water are subject to the consequences of ecotoxicity1. Contamination represents a great potential harm to human and environmental health, with increased risks of respiratory and neurological diseases and various forms of cancer2. Phytodegradation … Continue reading Phytodegradation and Environmental Remediation

City Beautification is More than Meets the Eye

By: Dan Burke Perez Many enjoy urban green spaces for their beauty and for the opportunity to sit, relax, and take in the scenery. Remarkably, urban green spaces and city beautification efforts have real impacts on both the physical and mental health of communities. Urban green spaces may be nice places to relax, but their … Continue reading City Beautification is More than Meets the Eye

Focused Work

Radix’s Youth Employment program teaches both practical and intellectual jobs skills. During the first hour, our youth employees maintain and improve our small farm business by building, composting, digging, planting, mulching, and preparing vegetables for sale. During the second hour, we develop literacy and advocacy skills by discussing selected readings. Our readings have covered a range of … Continue reading Focused Work