Special Open House- Saturday 4/2 1 pm

Three institutions in Albany’s Mansion Neighborhood invite the public to attend the first Alternative Albany Open House on Saturday, April 2, 2016 from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. Part of a larger effort to expand engagement with this historic area, and also an invitation for the larger community to rethink the identity of Albany, organizations … Continue reading Special Open House- Saturday 4/2 1 pm

Mansion Neighborhood Open Houses

“The word ‘Albany’ has become synonymous with political corruption, but Albany is not the government and it is not a problem,” says Alexis Bhagat, Executive Director of Grand Street Community Arts. “Albany is a living, breathing city with so much to offer. This event serves to showcase just some of the wonderfully radical things going … Continue reading Mansion Neighborhood Open Houses

Radix Center Educational Director in the news

Click here to read the article.   "Scott Kellogg, educational director for the Albany, New York-based Radix Ecological Sustainability Center, says that other cities handle PCBs and other pollutants with the same "dig-and-dump" approach that sometimes involves expensive dredging of waterways. He says that just moves the problem elsewhere. "It will fulfill environmental regulations," Kellogg … Continue reading Radix Center Educational Director in the news