New Baby Chicks!

Because we imagine some of our close neighbors are bound not to appreciate the constant craw of a rooster, we need to buy chicks to replace lost hens.   (See below on losses and our counter-strategy.)


These fluffy things arrived by mail one-two days old.

After a quick hug,


We moved them from the box into their new warm brooder.


The brooder box is a simple rectangle made from leftover hemlock siding, with a chicken wire top.  It is inside the greenhouse, safe from critters.


Newborn chicks need it warm!  The temperature should be kept at 95 degrees Fahrenheit the first week of their life, and can be lowered five degrees each week after.  We cover the chicken wire with pieces of rigid foam insulation.  We give them 2 heat sources, an electric heating pad and incandescent light bulb – and they have the space to self-regulate by moving closer or farther away from the heat.


Stay tuned- they’re feathering out and will be moving outside soon!

Our most devastating hen loss was to a hawk – but other calamities have occurred as well (dog, water, unknown…)   To deter the hawk, we strung pink forester’s tape across the yard, with some hanging wisps that blow in the wind.  Hawks prefer wide open spaces – the tape gives the illusion that it is not a clear path.  Knock on wood – so far so good!

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