A Back-Up City Water Line

Early this past summer we contracted with local plumber Keith Lezatte to install a connection on the newly donated Radix property to the city water line.  For the past four years, we’ve relied entirely on rainwater collected from the roof of the greenhouse for all our watering needs.  While rainwater is certainly one of the cleanest types of water, and is non-chlorinated as well, its supply is contingent on the weather -a hot dry spell lasting two weeks could nearly deplete our 2,600 gallon storage capacity.   As we’re running a one acre commercial farming operation, we decided it would be a good move to have city water as a back up for when the tanks run low.  We would like to thank Trinity Alliance and the United Way of the Capital Region for their support!


We have also entered an arrangement with the Albany Water Board to help them distribute their watershed educational materials in exchange for a non-charge water account.