Aquaponics Workshop – May 19th 1-4pm

Aquaponics is a method of raising fish while utilizing their waste products to grow vegetables.  It is a highly scalable technology that can be implemented either in the home or commercially. This workshop will cover the theory, design, and construction of an aquaponic system.  Discussion will include fish & plant species selection, water quality concerns, … Continue reading Aquaponics Workshop – May 19th 1-4pm

SUNY Albany Sustainability Group Visit

Members of the Student Sustainability Council and faculty and staff Sustainability Coordinators from the University at Albany arrived in one of UAlbany's hybrid buses for a tour of the Radix Center in May 2012.   The tour was organized by Mary Ellen Mallia, Director of the Office of Environmental Sustainability, which spearheads UAlbany's efforts towards sustainability, including: … Continue reading SUNY Albany Sustainability Group Visit