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Open House Tour

Sunday September 29th, 1pm

153 Grand Street, Albany

Hope to see you there!

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Do you know what this is?


Kill it fast!!!

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Some unexpected volunteers sprouted out of the rabbit manure pile and the compost piles!  It has been hot and dry, so the leaves are looking parched.  (Hoping for rain!)  But the fruits are growing!




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Bethlehem High School senior Elizabeth Cultrara is conducting an experiment with the aquaponics system as part of a Science Research course offered through UAlbany’s University in the High School program.  The following is her first article on her experiment:

Bird’s eye view of the experiment setup on the fish tank.

Top View


My experiment is designed to measure the difference between plants growing in the aquaponic system that have been supplemented with worm castings and those that have not. My hypothesis is that the plants grown with vermicompost will grow faster and healthier than those grown with the aquaculture water as their only nutrient source.


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