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The Trinity Alliance Summer Day Camp walked around the block to visit the Radix Center and check out the animals, gardens, & carnivorous plants.


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This summer we were a site in a neighborhood scavenger hunt for teachers at Giffen Elementary School, a public school a few blocks away from the Radix Center.  Groups of teachers came for tours throughout the day.  This fun event sparked our current collaboration with the second grade at Giffen!



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We will be having our monthly open house Sunday 11/27 at 1 pm.
We are ending early today at 2pm.
Hope to see you there!
 153 Grand St.

The Summer Youth Team enjoyed a lovely day kayaking around and exploring Peebles Island, where the Hudson and Mohawk Rivers meet.

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On July 29th, 2016 incoming freshman with SUNY’s Equal Opportunity Program toured the Radix Center, hung out with the animals, learned about insect pest life cycles and helped organically control Mexican bean beetles, and spread mulch. It was a beautiful summer day!


Henry Spliethoff from the New York State Department of Health visited the summer youth team to talk about the dangers of lead contamination in soil, implications for urban gardeners, and to demonstrate how an X-Ray Florescence instrument works.

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