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We put up a 12 by 24 foot hoop house to increase off-season vegetable production!  The hoop house was purchased with funding from the United Way grant that supports the our South End Healthy Food Partnership – click here to see more on the partnership.





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Radix goes SOLAR!

In late December,the team at SEED – Sustainable Engineering and Environmental Design, lllc. installed 11 solar panels onto the Radix greenhouse. The panels were installed “landscape”, or horizontally across the south facing peak of the greenhouse. The panels will be able to collect ample sunlight in this location, creating minimal shade in the winter, and more shading in the summer (when some shading is desirable!) The panels are connected in a grid-intertie, which will send surplus electricity back to the electrical grid, lowering or eliminating our electrical bill. The panels will make a great contribution to our educational display, showing off the potential for decentralized renewable energy. Big thanks to SEED for their all their help and guidance in the installation – and for giving us a great deal!

Any donations to help off-set installation costs are appreciated!

Interested in going solar? Check out SEED at http://www.seedpllc.com. Mention Radix and we will receive a referral donation upon completion.

More pics here!



Now for some SUN!

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In October Radix was paid a visit by students and teachers from North Albany Academy. Orchestrated by Kelly Grindstaff, the Project Manager for Teacher Professional Development at RPI’s Center for Initiatives in Pre-College Education, the group of 60 students engaged in a number of hands-on activities at Radix including composting, aquaponics, microgreen production, and chicken tech.

Click here for more pictures!

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Are you interested in participating in a group that will help to inform Albany’s Common Council on drafting policies and practices to promote urban agriculture and sustainable food systems in Albany?

The subcommittee will develop a plan for urban agriculture in Albany that emphasizes education, access, equity, ecological sustainability, and health. Upon its completion, the plan will consist of best practices, principles, and recommendations that will guide Common Council in its decision making.

You need not be an Albany resident or an appointed member of the SAC in order to participate.

If you are interested in joining the subcommittee, please send a brief description of your experience, interests, and vision to Scott Kellogg (SAC urban agriculture chairperson) at sk@radixcenter.org by Jan 1.

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photo-6This fall we welcomed Laurie Kirchman as our Entrepreneurial Coordinator. She took responsibility for our CSE (like CSA, but ‘Community Supported Environmental Education Organization’) a weekly produce subscription program. In partnership with Grand Street Community Arts’ Youth Organics Program, she piloted the first session of a youth entrepreneurial/urban agriculture training program. It was fantastic!   Click here for the full story and more pictures!

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Apple Extravaganza 2014

We had an amazing day celebrating the apple harvest, making cider, and playing outside!


Click here for more details and pictures!

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