Montessori Magnet 5th Graders visit the Radix Center

On October 19th, Albany Montessori Magnet teacher Jannine Walton brought her 5th graders for their first in a series of visits to the Radix Center.   During this school year, the students will engage in hands-on projects and learn about environmental sustainability.  This first visit was purposely early in our development, so the students can … Continue reading Montessori Magnet 5th Graders visit the Radix Center


Greenhouse Updates

We’re pleased to announce that major work on our greenhouse structure is finished!  In the past two weeks, the finishing touches have been put on the building, including blowing in cellulose spray insulation and sealing up the cracks in holes and windows.  A huge thanks to all who helped us complete the job!  (Please contact … Continue reading Greenhouse Updates