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The last Sunday of the month is here again!

Our Open House Tour starts at 1pm on 1/31.

Come over and meet Brutus, our visiting goat friend!

153 Grand St., Albany NY

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Compostable 3-D printing


This past Spring, RPI student Kevin Chen experimented with different methods for composting corn-based polymers used in 3-D printing.  In this photo, we are testing the ability of oyster mushrooms to degrade a “rabbit” made from the material.  The fact that fungal mycelium are growing on the rabbit’s surface indicates that they have begun to utilize it as a nutrient source.

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In this class, Scott Kellogg and other sustainability experts give attendees a “toolbox” of techniques and knowledge usable by anyone wanting to create sustainable systems in their own communities. Using the Radix Ecological Sustainability Center as a living learning laboratory, class participants will engage in an intensive weekend of participatory hands-on activity, seeing firsthand how integrated ecological systems function in an urban context. Students will come away ready to implement these techniques in a variety of spaces ranging from the micro to the macro!


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A visit from Brutus




We put out a call on Facebook for anyone who knew anyone with a male Nigerian Dwarf goat we could borrow – and a (hopeful) love connection was made! Today we picked up Brutus from the Permaculture Inn in Sharon Springs!

Click here for pics!

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Thank you NYS DOH!

We just received a wonderful gift of soil, compost, wood to build raised beds, and gardening tools to support the efforts of our partnership with AVillage and the Trinity Alliance to increase food production, green space, and nutrition in the South End. With the help of volunteers from Saint Rose College and RPI, we have begun expanding the garden space that will produce food for the next summer’s AVillage South End Farmers Market. What a lovely sight! Interested in lending a hand? Contact us – stacy@radixcenter.org.





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