Pictures from RUST Oct 2013

The Regenerative Urban Sustainability Workshop from Oct 2013 was a great success!  It was wonderful to spend the weekend with the over 30 people who attended.  It is always great to meet new people and hear about their amazing project throughout the Northeast.

We also enjoyed delicious and healthy lunches from Deirdre Kelly of Freestyle Catering. (She’s available to cater local events – every evaluation has been glowingly positive over 5 years of RUSTs.)

Below are some pictures from the workshop.

And  a detailed description of our workshop building a water-heating biothermal compost pile can be found here.

Rainwater catchment systems


Building healthy soils breakout workshop with Lisa DePiano IMG_20131012_154427_673

Building healthy soils in action!IMG_20131012_160408_705

How to grow micro greens breakout workshop:


Shiitake mushroom cultivation breakout workshop


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