Community Compost Initiative

Weekly collection service

Compost is picked up, with one of our zero-emission bikes, once per week on Tuesdays or  Wednesdays, depending on your address.

During the week, place your food scraps inside the provided filtered, no-odor container.

Place the container on your front steps, stoop, porch, or agreed upon location by 8AM every week on your pick up day. We will remove the contents.

We will return the container to the location where we found it.  The client owns the container.  We are not responsible for theft of or damage to the container.   We will only collect compost out of a designated Radix container. As an agreement of service, the client agrees to keep the container clean.  We recommend washing the bucket each week.

If one bucket is not sufficient, an extra one can be added for an additional $5 per month.

If Albany public schools are closed due to weather, we will postpone compost pickup until the following day.


2.4 ga. container (incl. 1 odor filter)$20.00
Weekly Compost Pick-upMonthly 
One container$20.00
each additional container$5.00

Invoices are emailed on or around the 1st of the month for the previous month’s service.  Invoices can be paid directly online.

*** Friend Referral Discount***

Receive a free month with each referred friend that completes 3 months service.


Do Compost:




Coffee grounds and unbleached filters


Egg shells

Unbleached napkins and paper towels (in small amounts)

Bread products in small amounts (less than 25% of total)

Meat & Dairy in small amounts (less than 10% of total)

Do NOT Compost:

Pet waste

Garbage: plastic wrappers, rubber bands, etc.

TO SIGN UP: email

Drop-off at Radix is also available at no charge.

Did you know:

Throwing food waste into landfills creates greenhouse gases – which significantly contribute to global warming, and

Albany is expanding its landfill into protected habitat for a temporary fix-

We need creative, sustainable solid waste solutions!

Are you:

Interested in building local food security and fighting climate change with one simple action?

Would you like to compost your food scraps but don’t have the space or time?

There is a solution!

You can:

Reduce greenhouse gases!

Divert waste from Albany’s overburdened landfill!

Support a local non-profit and an ecologically regenerative micro-industry!

Let’s work toward a sustainable, zero-waste Albany!

7 thoughts on “Community Compost Initiative

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  6. This is great! I’ve been learning about composting. If only I had a truck to pick up all the bags of leaves I walk by on a daily basis.

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