2020 Photo Album

This year, construction on our new EcoJustice Literacy Classroom began!

Initial Excavation
Some urban fill shows Radix’s site history
We are looking forward to begin holding programming inside the classroom in 2021!

Youth Employment is the cornerstone of Radix’s programming. Our youth give us the labor force needed to transform community spaces, impact food access, and educate our neighbors. Our young cohort becomes tomorrow’s environmental leaders. Youth spend the first half of their shift helping out with Radix’s regenerative agriculture programs and the second half participating in literacy and advocacy lessons. This dual focus helps us train well-rounded workers capable of putting the why to the how when tackling environmental challenges.

Standing by Our Work
Three youth represented Radix at the 2020 Citizen’s Climate Conference! Pan (right) presented on the youth panel!
Youth and AmeriCorps vistas cool off in the stream while working at our Normanskill garden
A youth employee leads and environmental justice discussion
Drone Practice
Youth and AmeriCorps vistas feed the chickens scraps from the Capital City Rescue Mission
A youth cuts down a dead tree for hugel building
Youth add decaying fruit and veggies from the Capital City Rescue Mission to a hugel trench to build soils
Youth harvest garlic to make room for the year’s melons to take over
Cleaning, sorting, and bunching veggies for the farm share
Cabbage harvest

Community Connections drive our decisions at Radix. Collaboration magnifies the impact of partnering organizations and provides opportunities to lift up less-heard voices.

A youth employee prepares bucket gardens for community distribution
Pre-pandemic youth get the word out about Radix’s soil sampling program
Youth from the South End Children’s Cafe regularly visit
@AVillage’s South End Night Market
A donation of greens left at a resident’s door for redistribution
Pumpkins donated to Albany 518 SNUG for distribution
Pumpkins donated to the South End Children’s Cafe for distribution
Stuffed animals donated to our youth crew by the South End Children’s Cafe!

We upgraded our shiitake mushroom output this year!

First, holes are drilled into the logs
Then, the holes are filled with spawn
Lastly, the spawn is covered with wax and the logs are soaked

The Workforce Development Institute provided Radix with much-needed funds to upgrade our season extension capabilities! We want to make sure everyone is aware that vegetables can be grown year round in New York!

Bending hoops for low tunnels
Placing hoops
Layering agribon
Cutting greenhouse plastic down to size
December arugula harvest
Enclosing the high tunnel endwall
Indoor pea shoot production
Winter carrots

This was our second year of producing maple syrup from trees in Albany’s Lincoln Park!

Due to the changed pace of life caused by the pandemic shutdown, we had some unexpected wild visitors including a wild turkey, hawks, deer, and ducks!

Social distance and masks were central to our ability to keep volunteers safe while working at our many sites within the community.

Garden layouts offer easy ways for volunteers to feel connected while practicing social distancing!

Farewell 2020! We have learned an incredible amount about resilience, community, and flexibility this year and look forward to applying these lessons to 2021!

Please consider supporting our programming by making a one-time donation. Visit https://radixcenter.org/radix-center/make-a-donation/ for more information. If you would like to set up a recurring donation, contact info@radixcenter.org for details!

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