Aquaponics Workshop, May 19th, 2012 1 – 4pm

Aquaponics is a method of raising fish while utilizing their waste products to grow vegetables.  It is a highly scalable technology that can be implemented either in the home or commercially. This workshop will cover the theory, design, and construction of an aquaponic system.  Discussion will include fish & plant species selection, water quality concerns, and system start-up.  Participants will have the opportunity to examine first-hand theRadixCenter’s aquaponics system, which grows tilapia, catfish, koi, crawfish, watercress, lettuce, and flowering plants.

Sliding Scale   $40-$75

You decide what you are able & willing to pay.

To register visit:

or email sk [at]

Aquaponic Watercress and Calla Lily

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