Community Compost Initiative

Announcing the launch of  the Radix Center’s

Community Compost Initiative

A weekly compost pick-up service

Did you know:

Throwing food waste into landfills creates greenhouse gases – which significantly contribute to global warming, and

Albany is expanding its landfill into protected habitat for a temporary fix-

We need creative, sustainable solid waste solutions!

Are you:

Interested in building local food security and fighting climate change with one simple action?

Would you like to compost your food scraps but don’t have the space or time?

There is a solution!

You can:

Reduce greenhouse gases!

Divert waste from Albany’s overburdened landfill!

Support a local non-profit and an ecologically regenerative micro-industry!

Take initiative!


Let’s work toward a sustainable, zero-waste Albany!


Join the Radix Center’s


Community Composting Initiative


For more information :

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