We had an amazing day celebrating the apple harvest, making cider, and playing outside!


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153 Grand St.

Apple Extravaganza 2014

Sunday, October 26th, Radix Monthly Open House Tour, 1pm
We are also holding a volunteer work day, 12-4. We’ve been putting up a hoop house for winter greens production, and need help building the garden beds. The hoop house is funded by the United Way, as part of a joint South End food security effort that Radix is a part of, along with the Trinity Alliance, GSCA, and AVillage. If you can’t make it, but are interested in helping out this endeavor in another way, please let us know.

Woohoo local winter greens in the northeast!

Sunday, September 28th, 1 pm

153 Grand St., Albany

Come on by!

Welcome Laurie Kirchman, our new Entrepreneurial Coordinator! As such, she is taking over the weekly vegetable/microgreens production and distribution service we have been running called our CSE, and is turning it into a youth entrepreneurial training program.

Laurie brings expertise in non-profit earned income ventures within the setting of an urban farm and also expertise in youth employment programming. Plans are underway to weave our CSE project together with the existing Youth Organics program. Youth will be trained in all aspects of the CSE project including growing and harvesting food, packaging and marketing, customer service and bookkeeping.

If you know any high school age youth or college interns who are interested, please contact us!

We will be accepting new members in upcoming weeks. Members receive up to $10 or up to $20 of produce, eggs, and/or mushrooms weekly. Please contact laurie [at] radixcenter.org if you are interested.




We have been collaborating with other organizations in our neighborhood – the Trinity Alliance, Grand Street Community Arts (GSCA), and AVillage, Inc. – to support healthy food practices in the South End of Albany. AVillage, Inc. has been running the South End Farmer’s Market every Saturday from 1-5 pm. The Market is in Lincoln Park on the east side of Eagle St. and will continue into October. Volunteers are needed to help set up and staff the market, and donations from organic gardens are greatly appreciated! Please reply to this email if you are interested.

This collaboration dovetails with the transition of the CSE into a youth entrepreneurial training program. Radix will continue working with Youth Organics, a program of GSCA, as part of the program.

This collaboration will also be hosting nutrition, cooking, urban food production, and sustainability workshops during the year – details to be announced. If you are interested in helping with any of these projects, please let us know. We have received a grant from the United Way to begin funding these activities – but your help is needed! All donations are greatly appreciated. Click here to make a donation and become a member of the Radix Center.


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