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  • Work at the Radix Center Begins October 18, 2009

    2009-10-10 318Scott Kellogg and Stacy Pettigrew started work this week on their new project – the Radix Ecological Sustainability Center.  After many months spent clearing regulatory hurdles, we’ve gotten the green light from the city of Albany to begin work.  With construction permit in hand, we’ve started to dig holes for cedar fence posts on the half acre property.  Numerous boulders and concrete slabs provide fun challenges, but we are excited to get going on this new endeavor.  We plan to have a new Radix website containing details about the project up soon.  Also, look for an upcoming new workshop series in Summer 2010!

  • Work on the Greenhouse Begins January 4, 2011

    The piers for the greenhouse are in!

    Here are some pictures of the excavation:


    Piers along northern side

    The precast concrete piers


    Blue board foam insulation 2 feet deep around the perimeter

    Unearthed urbanite from a 400 year old city

  • More Greenhouse Progress May 5, 2011

    The framing is nearly finished, and we hope to get the glazing up in a few weeks!

    We’ll be scheduling some volunteer days soon – check back if you’re able to help!

  • Asphalt Removal April 27, 2014
































    And now the coverup must begin!









    We spread spent mycelium to encourage the health of the fill dirt that had been uncovered.

  • Radix goes SOLAR December 23, 2014

    In late December,the team at SEED – Sustainable Engineering and Environmental Design, lllc. installed 11 solar panels onto the Radix greenhouse. The panels were installed “landscape”, or horizontally across the south facing peak of the greenhouse. The panels will be able to collect ample sunlight in this location, creating minimal shade in the winter, and more shading in the summer (when some shading is desirable!) The panels are connected in a grid-intertie, which will send surplus electricity back to the electrical grid, lowering or eliminating our electrical bill. The panels will make a great contribution to our educational display, showing off the potential for decentralized renewable energy. Big thanks to SEED for their all their help and guidance in the installation – and for giving us a great deal!

    Any donations to help off-set installation costs are appreciated!

    Interested in going solar? Check out SEED at http://www.seedpllc.com. Mention Radix and we will receive a referral donation upon completion.

    More pics here!



    Now for some SUN!