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Scott Kellogg, Educational Director

Scott Kellogg is the co-author of the book “Toolbox for Sustainable City Living: A Do-it-Ourselves Guide” (South End Press) and the primary teacher of R.U.S.T. – The Regenerative Urban Sustainability Training, an intensive weekend workshop in urban ecological living skills that has been attended by over 700 people since it was first taught in 2006.

Currently, Scott is the Educational Director at the Radix Ecological Sustainability Center, an urban environmental educational center in Albany, NY. It is a demonstration of environmental technologies and sustainable micro industries applicable in today’s cities. Radix contains a solar heated bioshelter greenhouse that contains an integrated food production system involving fish, plants, rabbits, worms, chickens, ducks, silkworms, and black soldier flies.

Scott was also a co-founder of Austin, Texas’ Rhizome Collective, an urban sustainability education project, and worked as the director of its sustainability program from 2000-2009.

Scott is a graduate student in the PhD program of Science and Technology Studies at RPI. He has a Masters in Environmental Science from Johns Hopkins University and is an appointed member of Albany’s Sustainability Advisory Committee to the Common Council and the chair of it’s urban agriculture subcommittee. He has taught at numerous universities in the US, and has given numerous workshops and multi-part sustainability courses both nationally and internationally.

Stacy Pettigrew


12 thoughts on “Staff Bios

  1. Hi Scott,

    Caught your presentation at the SolarFest in Vermont this past month and thought it was just great. You are a very engaging speaker. It was amazing the number of subjects you were able to address in such a short time period with, I think, just enought information to spur the interest of the audience to look into the subjects further.

    Live Well,

    Jay Walsh
    Northern Berkshire Transition

  2. Amazing! I am originally from Schenectady, NY and now living in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, but heard about your organization through a Turkish Permaculture group. What a small world. Glad to have found you and interested to take a look at what you’re doing. Salam!

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  5. Hello Scott,

    I had a great time at Radics today. That is a great place you have running.
    Keep up the great work!!!

    Siena College

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  9. Scotty and Tracy – great to keep up with your new activities and growth in the NE. Awesome work – congratulations on the new Radix Center and good luck. Your professional pedigree gets longer and longer – just great.

    We are watching you now from St. Petersburg, FL and a great senior condo overlooking Tampa Bay. getting into PC, local food, social justice, junior youth programs – trying to not be senior in spirit, energy, or actions/programs – trying to wear out vs rust out. I hope to see you at NOFA in August if our Martha’s Vineyard schedule permits.

    regards and best wishes

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  11. It is truly inspirational to see what my cousin is doing for the environment. He is an example for all who deeply care about creation and sustainability

    Hope to see you soon Scott!

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