Soil Screening for Lead

Sliding Scale Soil Lead Screenings Due to the increased interest in building food gardens during the ongoing coronavirus outbreak the Radix Center is offering free soil analysis to South End residents, but donations are always welcome! For potential garden sites beyond the South End we are asking for a donation of $10-20 per sample . … Continue reading Soil Screening for Lead

North American Ginseng

By Andrew Poitras Overview Ginseng is a perennial, herbaceous plant, belonging to the genus Panax. The wild variety (in traditional Chinese, referred to as 野山參 or Wild Mountain Root), closely resembles its cultivated counterpart species: American Ginseng, or Panax Quinquefolius, which is native to eastern North America, and the Korean species P. ginseng and South … Continue reading North American Ginseng

Food Forests

By: Daniel Burke-Perez Urban food insecurity has gained attention in recent years. To increase neighborhood food accesses, communities and activists across the country have developed food forests1. Interest in establishing edible forest landscapes is rooted in a desire to increase the availability of food in underserved neighborhoods, promote green spaces and biodiversity in cities, and … Continue reading Food Forests