Installing package bees

We installed 2 new packages of bees last week - Full page here:

Making Apple Cider

This week we gleaned apples  at Samascott Orchard with the upstairs kids from the Albany Free School.  We made cider with some of the apples at the Radix Center with our antique cider press. Students from the Headstart Program across the street also stopped by. The cider press was an amazing estate sale find. Whole … Continue reading Making Apple Cider

Article about the Radix Center on All over Albany!

The Radix Ecological Sustainability Center posted Aug 30, 2010 Scott Kellogg and his daughter on the site of the future Radix Center. Scott Kellogg wants to teach you to live greener and be more self-sustaining -- you know, grow your own food, raise a little livestock. Hey, city dwellers -- this means you. Kellogg and … Continue reading Article about the Radix Center on All over Albany!