Now Hiring – Americorp VISTA position

The Radix Ecological Sustainability Center, an environmental education organization with an emphasis on urban food security, and the South End community advocacy organization AVillage…, Inc., in partnership with Hunger Free America is seeking a full-time VISTA member to advance access to healthy food in Albany’s South End neighborhood. Position Description: The one-year position will start June 19, 2017.

Interested parties should contact Stacy Pettigrew, executive director of the Radix Center, at and Tom McPheeters, secretary of AVillage, at We strongly encourage applications be submitted as soon as possible, and no later than April 15.

Both the Radix Center and AVillage, together with our third partner, the Trinity Alliance, are engaged in addressing the many issues around hunger, health and sustainability in the South End of Albany, which is officially labeled as a “food desert.” The Radix Center is an urban agriculture entrepreneurial program for high school youth that produces a weekly Farm Share for local families and grows produce for the South End Farmers Market. AVillage operates the Farmers Market during the summer and fall, as well as year-round exercise and nutrition programming. In addition to the 6 gardens we currently manage, we also are helping develop vacant lots into productive garden space and organizing with neighbors to facilitate their use. The VISTAs will help us build capacity and further the sustainability of these programs.

Responsibilities will include:

• Develop a marketing/educational outreach strategy to attract neighborhood residents to shop at the South End Farmers Market and eat more vegetables; strategize and help implement creative ways to turn the Farmers Market into an attractive event, including partnering with youth theater or musical performances, etc.; increase/improve presence on social media; and assist in improving evaluation metrics to increase program efficacy and project reporting.

• Improve access to nutritious food options by enhancing awareness of the availability of utilization of benefits at farmers’ markets, including SNAP, WIC and other benefits, and provide nutrition education information and opportunities for low-income members.

More information is available here:

Radix-AVillage VISTA Position Description

Radix-AVillage VISTA flier

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