Giffen Elementary at Radix!



This Fall we began an exciting partnership with Giffen Elementary School.  Giffen is the public elementary school in the South End of Albany and is located literally around the corner from Radix.  Because of its closeness, students are able to walk over to Radix for regular visits, eliminating the need for expensive bus trips.  We have been working with a number of second grade students and teachers, conducting sustainability/environmental education programs both at Radix and at Gifffen itself.  Activities this Fall included tours of Radix and tulip planting at Giffen, which served as a great introductory way to teach about soil biology and gardening.  This Spring, we are gearing up to have sustainability education students from RPI join our partnership, creating living educational systems in the classroom that can then be studied on a larger scale at Radix.

For more pictures click here!

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