Albany soilSHOP

Saturday, April 25th, 11-2  at the Radix Center, 153 Grand St

Join us for the Albany soilSHOP (Soil Screening, Health, Outreach and Partnerships). Bring a dry, rock-free, soil sample in a plastic ziplock bag (about 2 cups soil) by 1 p.m. to the Radix Center and get your soil screened for lead while you enjoy other activities!

Click on this link for illustrated directions on how to take a soil sample:  soilSHOP Sampling Strip – Albany

Click here for the event flyer!   soilshopalbanyflyer-2

Enter a raffle to win a “Pizza Garden!” A pizza garden is a patio-size self-watering garden box that comes with a bag of soil, and tomato, pepper, basil and oregano plants (pizza dough not included)!


Tour of the Radix Center and greenhouse

Visit with bunnies, ducks and chickens

Demonstrations on composting and raised bed gardening

FREE pH testing of your garden soil

FREE Zumba class

FREE blood pressure check

Healthy snack demonstrations

Live band Oobleck – 11am to 12 noon

Talk with our environmental, health, gardening, soil, and other experts about lead concerns and reducing potential exposures And more!

Click here to fill out a survey about your soil sample and get an extra raffle ticket!

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