Fall CSA Youth Employment Program

This fall we welcomed Laurie Kirchman as our Entrepreneurial Coordinator.   She took responsibility for our CSE (like CSA, but 'Community Supported Environmental Education Organization') a weekly produce subscription program.  In partnership with Grand Street Community Arts' Youth Organics Program, she piloted the first session of a youth entrepreneurial/urban agriculture training program.  It was fantastic!  Teens … Continue reading Fall CSA Youth Employment Program

Apple Extravaganza 2014!

We had an amazing day celebrating the apple harvest, making cider, and playing outside! Thank you so much to Samascott Orchards for letting us glean apples, and the DeLeonardis Family for donating apples from their orchard!  We brought out our antique cider press, made gallons of cider, and shared apples and cider with neighbors and … Continue reading Apple Extravaganza 2014!