Fall CSA Youth Employment Program

This fall we welcomed Laurie Kirchman as our Entrepreneurial Coordinator.   She took responsibility for our CSE (like CSA, but ‘Community Supported Environmental Education Organization’) a weekly produce subscription program.  In partnership with Grand Street Community Arts’ Youth Organics Program, she piloted the first session of a youth entrepreneurial/urban agriculture training program.  It was fantastic!  Teens from Albany High School, Albany Leadership Charter High for Girls, and Green Tech High School came to Radix after school and learned hands-on how to run a micro greens operation.  The cycle of soil was taught as compost was sifted and soil prepped.  Students learned how to cultivate plants by starting seedlings and transplanting them into beds, and planting and harvesting micro greens.  They learned accounting by participating in the CSE’s bookkeeping .

We look forward to the continuing to grow this program.  We need your help!  Please consider making a donation to Radix to support this work.  Do you know any teens who would be interested in participating?  We are able to offer small stipends, or community service credit – and it looks great on college applications!  Help us spread the word!

Contact Laurie [at] radixcenter.org for more information!








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