Help bring local school groups to the Radix Center

We just launched our first crowd-fundraising campaign on indiegogo:

Urban Ecological Literacy Youth Workshops

Your tax-deductible support will allow us to bring school groups to the Radix Center for 1-2 hour workshops on:

  • Sustainable Food Systems
  • Aquaponics and Aquatic Ecosystem Science
  • Energy
  • Waste

Click here for more information.

We have fun perks (gifts) for different donation levels, including seeds saved from our gardens, signed copies of Toolbox for Sustainable City Living, RUST T-shirts, naming rights to a chicken, duck and garden bed, and transferable tuition to RUST (next class June 1-2, 2013).

Please consider helping us spread the word about this campaign and making a donation!

Click here to see the campaign

late march 2012 024

One thought on “Help bring local school groups to the Radix Center

  1. We are nearly 25% of the way! Thank you Terry McCormick, Melissa Carll, Rich Kedanis, Elizabeth Cultrara, Jason Cosco, Jill McLennan, Mike Rice, Jeff Sohn, Jen Pursley, Sandra McGarraugh, Cynthia Kellogg, Barbara Posmyk, Mitt Romney, Andria Shively, Ethan Georgi, Lara Adler, Carolyn Sabol, and Beth Ferguson, and a few anonymous folks! Your support is truly appreciated!

    Please consider helping us get the word out about this campaign and donating if you can! There are fun perks that make great gifts!

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